Sunday, September 16, 2012

Asta La Pasta

For the last 7 years we have made frequent visits to Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Carl's in Price.  It technically wasn't Price but when I contended that it was Helper, it wasn't that either.  Grandma's and Grandpa's would suffice.  Trips were made for Sunday Dinners, family visits, date nights, errands to the store, trips up north, etc.  You name it, we made a trip for it.  Parker would often spot the house from the freeway as it could be seen from the highway sitting near the golf course.  Many memories were made their and many more will be transferred to Salt Lake but what happened here will be cherished and remembered.

Melissa moved here in 1999 and became her second home in the area.  My first trip their during the dating season was enjoyable as I realized how much of a home that it was.  It was a large home and provided for some large memories.  The downstairs was perfect for pinata parties at new years and the kitchen was ideal for the famous pasta meals that cannot be duplicated.  Outside of the home, but as an extension was a four wheeler which provided for many a golf ball run.  The back cinderblock wall provided for a short baseball fence and the grapes that hung over the wall provided an elegance about the house.  The nectarines and peaches were from the God's and apparently the squirrels felt the same way about those peaches.  Parker and Brock loved watching the hummingbirds feed in the feeder and it was always entertaining when one went inside the house and couldn't get out but would keep bouncing into the large glass windows.  The grass was a multi use site where many of a car would get washed.  In many cases this was the only place where our car would get washed so thankfully we made many a trip.  The freezers were always a deathtrap waiting to happen and many a hostess treat would stare you in the face as you opened it.  Grandma Vicki defied Grandpa as she stocked it full of Schwans frozen meals.  Winters were always enjoyable as the driveway was turned into a slippery ice skating slope.

As mentioned before, these memories and many more will be transferred north as Grandma and Grandpa sold their home.  As they packed, we also packed.  We spent a few days at their house helping and getting in their way (perhaps hoping that this would slow the process down and give us some more time).  We came away with some treasures as closets were cleaned out.  Mom, Parker and Brock were able to spend one more night their before the moving vans came and finished the moving.

It hasn't set in yet that they will not be there for a quick trip to Price.  The empty rooms don't seem empty yet.  But as the time goes on we will be grateful more and more for the memories made and the lessons taught within the walls of this wonderful home.  We are thankful that Parker and Brock were able to have what Melissa had growing up, a grandma and grandpa who were so close and so involved in their lives.  That of course will continue but the scenery will change.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Parker Pre-school -Mom's Nightmare

From the day Parker was born, mom has been dreading this day.  The day that mom releases her loving arms of exclusive adoration and tutoring and allows her oldest son to venture to the pre-school world.  Of course a mom's love is never outdone or teaching ever replaced, but for Parker, at the age of 4, he will be leaving home base and walking for 3 days a week to Ms Amanda's for pre-school.

Parker's first day was exciting.  Parker was so excited and anxious to get going (not realizing that he was breaking his mother's heart).  With his new school clothes on and his batman backpack and of course having mom do what every school kid dreads, that of making sure Parker was "presentable", he basically ran and jumped and flew his way to the pre-school.  Of course he was the first one there (trying to impress the teacher of course).  Parker had arrived and his days of schooling had officially begun.

As for mom, she had her pre-school moments but now her nightmare of homework, friends, etc., have now just begun.