Saturday, March 30, 2013

A New Look

For Mom it was age 11, for dad it was age 21 (but should have been earlier), and now Parker joins the list at age 4. All memorable years when eye sight needed some help.

The latest, Parker, has probably handled it the best. Perhaps it is the innocence that comes with age, maybe it is his good heart and his ability to handle challenges. The last couple of days has proven that.

Day 1 - Day one was exciting. It had come with much anticipation as Parker would daily enquire as to the status of his glasses. Having had them fit to his face he couldn't wait to show them off and clean and take care of them. Word spread via text messaging and soon "Parker Kent" was born. Grandma Vicki and family were the first to see the new look and soon it was time to take them to the ball field. While playing a street ball game Parker rounded 3rd and took a dive into the pavement causing blood streaming down his face and some twisted glasses. Mom's are better than eye doctors and soon fixed the situation and took a wounded Parker to straitened the frames out. Parker returned shortly for try #2 two but vowing to not play baseball on pavement. The night was uneventful as he put his glasses to rest in his baseball glasses case, ready for the Easter bunny to come the next day.

Day 2 - Day two built upon some day one successes. On this Easter Saturday he endured some blurry frustration seeing airplanes & soccer balls while making a heart wrenching statement "I can't see what I want to see". With the patch off one of his eyes and now convinced that his glasses actually were super powers for super vision he went about his daily routines of being a fun loving boy. At one point he made the comment, "I can't even tell that I am wearing glasses." Having then improved upon day one he once again put his glasses to bed in his baseball case "all by himself".

Surely there are many more days of frustration, tears, and bent frames but for now we are thrilled at how Parker is doing with what we too went through. It shouldn't come as a surprise. After all it is the same Parker, just with a new super power!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Easter Tradition?

Easter weekend is a big weekend in Emery County.  The desert seems to beckon all of the four wheelers and trailers to enjoy the beauty and recreation.  After 7 years I think that we just may have caught on to this tradition.  For us our venture has taken us for the last two years to Goblin Valley.  Parker and Brock have loved it as they have climbed all over the "creatures" that emerge from the desert floor.

Easter 2012
Easter 2013
 Highlights from this Easter - Easter 2013!