Monday, April 25, 2011

Brock - 4 Months

Here is Brock at 4 months. What a great four months it has been.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011 - Salt Lake City

The Easter Bunny has been good to the Esplin boys. Here are Easter 2011 stats and highlights:


- Castle Dale Library. This hunt kicked the Easter season off and Parker camehome with a sack full of sweets that still are going strong.

- Stewarts Easter Egg Hunt. The Eden's took Parker withthem tosearch for eggs in the grocery store. Lets just say that the Easter bunny and theEden's were both goodto him here.

- Castle Dale City Hunt. Parker joined many other anxious bunny hoppers at the baseball parks in Castle Dale. He showed off the bunny hop and made a nice haul of eggs, toys, and candy. He even was brave enough to approach the Easter bunny.
- The Easter egg hunt in Grandpa Carl's apartment. Astradition would have it, the Easter bunny delivered to the apartment. Parker's excitement couldn't be contained as he found 20 hidden eggs and an easter basket full of clothes, dvd, baseball cards, and candy.


- For family nightParker sported his oversized "dad shirt" and went todown dunking his eggs in the dye. If Parker had it his way every egg would have been colored blue.

- While in Salt LakeParker teamed up with Brittany for some egg coloring. Once again blue was the color of choice but we were able to sneak in some other colors to the mix. Brock joined the fun and posed for pictures with a confused look on his face as if to say, "Who's this Easter bunny guy and why does he need eggs?"


- On the trip up we stopped and visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Swenson. Each visit here is cherished. Grandma Swensonrepeatedly mentioned how "good of a boy" Brock was.Parker came away the winner with some homemade cookiesfor the road.

- Aunt Brittany saved Easter. From diaper changing to "monkeying around" at the zoo with the boys and tending the monsters while we attended a sealing, she allowed us to have these wonderful memorable experiences.

- Part of Saturday and Easter Sunday were spent with Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Carl. The Easter bunny was overshadowedby GrandmaVicki as both boys werespoiled with toys, swim suits, and candy.


- We spent Friday at the Hogle Zoo. This was Brock's inaugural trip and Parkers second time around. Parker couldn't get enough of the monkeys and loved the carousel ride where he chose to ride the "chicken" (also known as the peacock). After seeing all of the animals, a trip on the train was a perfect finish to a wonderful day.

- A walk down to the temple. After a nap (following the zoo), me and Parker were able to take a walk down to the temple. We made some wishes at the little waterfall and reflection pool. A lot of wishes were made due to a lot of coins. An attempt was made to teach Parker the true meaning of Easter. When asking him the purpose of it he said, "to get eggs from the Easter Bunny". He was teachable and I told him that we would all live again because of whatJesus did. I told him that he would see his namesake once again, Grandpa Gus. It was a fun moment, though I don't think much sunk in as he seemed to be more worried about Moroni getting down from on top of the temple.

- My cousin Ali Esplin was also married in the Oqirrih Moutain temple this weekend. It was fun to see family once again and served as a reminder of the importance of family and why we celebrate Easter

Despicable Dancing

When it comes to dancing, mom has the moves while dad has been cursed with two left feet. Parker is learning his dance moves from DVD's like "Chicken Little" and "Despicable Me". This latest routine is anything but "despicable".

You will need to see it to believe it. (pictures and movies to come shortly)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Devin" - 3 on 3

It wasn't exactly 3 on 3. But it was three Devin's in one room.

A little while ago I thought that it would be fun for Brock to get a basketball signed by his namesake (namesake via dad), Devin Durrant (former BYU basketball All-American/ NBA basketball player). I ventured to facebook and contacted him. To my surprise he invited us up to visit with him at his home. He was gracious enough for us to spend some time with him and his family, sign a few basketballs, and shoot a few hoops in his court in the "downstairs".

Parker with Devin Durrant

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This One's For You Mom

An early shout out to mom for mother's day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No "Dum Dum" Here

The answer to our potty training dilemma is in the trusty care of a bunch of "dum dum's". Knowing her son's love for suckers and using it as a tool (or weapon, depending on how you see it), mom came up with the brilliant idea to use "super suckers" as an enticement for Parker to go to the "potty". It worked! It worked so well that he would even go to the bathroom even when he didn't even have to go. It really worked well during sacrament meeting as he left three times and returned "testifying" to the whole ward of his accomplishment. From now on I think we will find the door that is closest to the bathroom and furthest from human beings! It was a joy to say the least to watch this new technique in action.

Will it stick? The verdict is still out. But this much we do know, Parker is no "dum dum" when it comes to potty training (day one gave away atleast 10 dum dums. I didn't think that was possible!)