Monday, July 6, 2009

Favorite First's - NICKNAMES

Okay so we are going to get a little be reflective, after all it is our first child and to be quite honest we are rather impressed that we have survived thus far (or is it that Parker has survived?) 
With his first year almost under his belt we thought that it would be fun to go through his "favorite firsts" that he has experienced.  To kick it off here are some of our "favorite first NICKNAMES"

"Bubby" (This was an early favorite of mom's)
"Buddy" or "My little Buddy"
"Parker -Man" - A favorite of Grandma Vicki
"Porker Parker" (An Uncle Carson original)
"Stinky"  (not so original but true to form)
"Michelin Man"
"Huckleberry Hound" (more of an observation than a nickname)
"Parker August Esplin" (with emphasis - used more in a cursing situation!)

Nicknames are often dreaded and are carefully considered when choosing a name, so far, I think permanent social damage has been avoided 

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Cammie said...

So far so good!