Sunday, August 15, 2010

Softball at heart

Ever since Parker (and current baby) were/are in the womb, the debate around the house is whether they will run track or play baseball/softball. It is clear that those who know us know where our unwavering stance is on this issue (this is assuming and hoping that they get the Pollastro athletic genes of course). Not willing to concede before Parker (or womb baby) ever making their ultimate decision I witnessed something that gave me hope and may have revealed Melissa's heart.

Over the past few months Melissa has been playing on a county rec softball team. From the vantage point of fan and husband it is evident from the chatter in the dugout and how she rounds third coming into home that maybe, just maybe, she really is baseball/softball at heart.

Hey, if Ray Consella (Field of Dreams) can build a baseball field in the corn fields, a baseball player can emerge from a track star!

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