Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parker and Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed would be proud. With how much Parker loves horses it makes us wonder if he can talk to them because of how much he is talking about horses. Driving around Castle Dale provides many opportunities for Parker to catch a glimpse of a "hwoorsh" (mouth puckered). A neighbor in our ward recently had a horse give birth to what Parker now calls, "baby hwoorsh" everytime that we pass by it. Apparently even after a few days it is a "nice hwoorsh" because Parker has deemed it so. Here is a picture of the horses that Parker has so affectionately attached himself to.


Shemri and Gang said...

I have not caught up on blogs for awhile. I loved reading yours. We love you both and hope we see you sooner rather than later.

The Christians said...

That last comment was really from me, Brooke. I forgot I had signed in with her account to see her beautiful new baby.