Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Pollastro Family get together!

I love any chance we can get to get together!  It makes me happy to be with family and enjoy time and build stronger relationships.  So, once again we were able to be together for January B-days. On Saturday the 30th we celebrated Dad's, Devin's and Britt's b-day.  It was so much fun just to hang out in the "social room"  at the Brigham Apartments, laugh, and eat. 

Carter kisses
Parker going.....

GONE!  He had it by the time we go to the cake!

Devin and I also were able to take a little walk around Temple Square with Parker and Carter.  It was pleasantly above freezing and enjoyable.  Parker loves Carter and is constantly yelling for  "Ca ca". Carter pushed Parker as we ran around the temple and especially the water. 
Thanks everyone for having birthdays so we could get together!  

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