Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taming the Monster

This is the monster in wait

More than any other day of the week it seems as though the "Monster" is unleashed the moment that the chapel doors open.  Whether it be the appeal of a group of men carrying trays or people filing up the aisle to sing in the choir, Parker seems to thrive on all of the "possibilities" that church has to offer.  Here are our futile attempts at taming the "Monster" that Parker becomes at Church:

Sacrament Cup - this is good for a solid ten minutes.  He enjoys sharing the empty cup, saliva and all, with mom and dad.  This is such a good distraction for Parker that I am starting to petition for refills.

The "pew" behind us - Fellow church goers beware.  If you sit behind the Esplins you better have tough knuckles and have hearing aides that work.  This usually buys us five minutes.

Fruit Snacks - often provided by Sister Foote (John Deere tractor ones) are always a hit, especially because he can make the noise like the tractor if we wish.

Sheriff "Will" (my personal preference) - In Parker's wandering's, his buddy Will (a few years older than Parker) makes sure that Parker finds his way back to his bench as he walks him hand in hand back to mom and dad.

After two trips up the stairs to the podium and two exits out the door, Parker escaped sacrament meeting which meant that tactics had to be changed.  The following tactics have become great assets:  

Chairs - I don't know if it is because it seems like he is climbing a mountain or what but he loves to climb up and down chairs.  He could do this for hours until he sees a door that opens or closes

Bishop's office - Just today Parker discovered Bishop Lake's office.  After some confession and a "please" Parker came out of the office with a starburst.

The drinking fountain - The drinking fountain has become "living waters" for this monster. After holding up the line of anxious sunbeams and having soaked his sweater, Parker moves on to another distraction, never really forgetting to return to the "watering hole".

Though not all of these efforts have proved successful on a regular basis, the "Monster" is able to survive three hours of church.  Parker's introduction to nursery (2 weeks ago) seems to keep him in his cage for the time being.  Another milestone that couldn't come soon enough.


Lindsay said...

Isn't church fun with a one-year-old? There are weeks that I dread going, not knowing what kind of terror Max will be that day. Treyson was our worst one though. We always had to warn whoever was sitting in front and in back of us to watch for flying sippy cups and flying hot wheels cars. There was more than one widow in the 12th ward that got wacked.

Cammie said...

I want to be NO WHERE near this kid from 11am-2pm on a Sunday, ever...or ANY OTHER one year old for that matter. Church is the worst with kids!

Kristy said...

Ah....memories! We got many comment that started with "we saw Tyler last wek....(with his head stuck in the chair, running up the aisles, etc, etc)....