Friday, January 9, 2009

Iron Chef - TV at its finest

If you like play by play cooking and a secret ingredient that will make your stomach churn (my personal favorite was rabbit), then Iron Chef America is right up your alley.  Over the holidays my brothers introduced this thrill a minute competition between chefs in what is known as "Kitchen stadium".  We were hooked or should I say "cooked" from the first time I watched it.  This has since become one of our favorite shows and just might be incorporated into our own Sunday dinner in the near future.  If you too want to get in on the fun then you can find it on the Food network.  May you enjoy and in the words of a phrase used on the show, "Alla Cuisine!"  I'm sure you'll be hearing more from our Iron Chef "fans" in the future!

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Cammie said...

Good work Devin! That's some good bloggin'. Iron Chef is the best.