Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kolby Carl Esplin

Melissa was a state champion sprinter in high school.  Fittingly, when kids come to the Esplin home, they come in a hurry.

The early hours of June 4th were eventful as Melissa went into labor.  Upon feeling contractions we called Melissa's mom to give her a head's up that we would be heading into the hospital.  Another call was made to our good friend Bishop Labrum who we had come over and help administer a blessing to Melissa as well as sleep on our couch and watch the boys as Melissa's mom made the trip down here to watch the boys.

As we were driving over it was obvious that this baby was going to be coming fast.  Dad was obedient to mom's pleas to which the police didn't quite understand as we were pulled over just outside Huntington.  After kindly explaining our situation the officer was gracious and on our way we went.  We pulled into the hospital at 1:48 AM as Melissa was officially admitted.

Within 3 hours after being admitted at 4:14 AM, Melissa gave birth to our third son Kolby Carl Esplin. Of the 3 boys he was the longest at 22 inches.  He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. and had a full head of hair.

As always mom was a champ and Dr. Shane Gagon was great during the delivery.

Dr. Shane Gagon

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Shemri and Gang said...

Congrats on your gorgeous newest addition! Your little family is fantastic!