Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parker "Sunday's" - A real "treat"

It's obvious that Parker has taken over every aspect of our life, from the time that we go to bed the morning wakings, to the entertainment that we are able and not able to participate in.  We welcome this adjustment to our lifestyle and find joy in the memories that are happening.  Because of this, Sunday has a new spin to it.  Here is a sample of how our Sunday's go:

5:14 AM - The "Parker" alarm goes off and wakes us up for our early morning meeting that mom and dad need to be at (This has been a more reliable alarm than the clock)

6:15 AM - Parker is ready for church in his Sunday best.  Mom now takes her turn

6:17 AM - Knowing that Parker is ready, dad resurrects from his slumber

6:32 AM - Dad entertains Parker with the "piggies" game (gotta love those simple pleasures)

6:55 AM - Off to our meetings (only reason why we are on time is thanks to Parker)

7:05 AM - Parker fast asleep - meeting begins - Do you see a connection???

8:25 AM - Meeting adjurn, mom off to ward choir, dad on baby sitting duty

8:35 AM - Parker gets one last treat to gear up for Church

9:00 AM - All is well and reverent on the front pew in the Chapel

9:07 AM - Parker joins in the singing (watch out Mormon tabernacle choir)

9:22 AM - Parker entertaining the "sisters" behind him

9:45 AM - Fussiness and tiredness set in, dad rescues him and takes him to the hallway

9:47 AM - Parker pointing at the World map while dad asks him where he goes.  Parker points to Antartica!  Dad takes Parker on mission tour telling him where all of his family have been on missions

9:49 AM - Dad feels a sense of pride for his son going on a mission

9:55 AM - Parker asleep, transfer back to front a success!

10:17 AM - Nap interrupted by anxious onlookers.  Dad takes Parker to Sunday School

10:35 AM - Parker thinks its fun to pull socks off and drop them on the floor.  Brother Sprague does the "laundry" by picking them up for him.

11:07 AM - Transfer to mom a relief for Parker.  Dad to priesthood, mom to Young Women's for one last time.

11:13 AM - Dad checks on Parker and mom, Parker is singing along once again with the Young Women.

11:47 AM - Dad hears Parker out in the hall.  Mom returns to Young Women while dad does diaper duty.

12:02 PM - Diaper change complete, church over, off to support mom in her new calling.  

12:08 PM - Mom set apart to new calling, a young woman takes Parker after 4 others wanted to hold him.

12:32 PM - Return home from church, grab a snack from mom, and off to bed!  (It's those early morning meetings that wore him out!)


Lindsay said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sundays with children! I don't think I've actually learned anything for 10 1/2 years now! You never shared what the new calling is. Don't keep us in suspense!

Melanie Lyn said...

like all pictures of Parker, this picture is way cute. it's sad that you're leaving yw's but i'm sure that you do good in your new calling. when you stood up and were crying you made me cry by the way, not good. oh well, i'll just have to come over sometime!

Cammie said...

Sunday's with kids suck! I, mean...are very trying and character building!