Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Burn Victim

Yes, I did it again.....  Hurt the little one.  Our little guy is one tough cookie.  It is amazing to me every day just how resilient that kids really are.  Well, I was baking a b-day cake for Devin.  I took in out of the oven with Parker in the other arm.  I was holding him far away, but before I could grab him he had reached across me for the cake.  I ran for the sink and ran his had under the cold water for 5 min.  I thought that was long enough, but four blisters showed up on his four fingers.  At least it wasn't five? Through all this the only time he cried was when he first touched the pan and it never bothered him after.
I'm so glad that baby's skin heals so quickly.  I put the neosporin  on every day, and we even tried band-aids.  That lasted one night 
with a sock over it.  Hopefully that will be the last of accidents for a little while.  Some super mom I am.
Treatment for the burn - sock hand

Still smiling through it all!


Mower Family said...

Oh the poor little guy! Burns are the worst! I hope it heals fast!

Christy said...

You should have called me, I could have brought over another syringe full of that sunburn gel! Poor thing! It's always so sad when they get hurt.

Cammie said...

Don't feel bad. Things like that happen all the time. I was boiling some binki's for Cali once while I was holding her, and some hot water splashed out onto her leg. I thought I would die. Don't be too hard on yourself!! Plus, think how tough he will be!!

Lindsay said...

What a tough kid (and a tough mom!)! As you said, kids are resilient and he'll get better fast. Hang in there!