Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Girls, Sweet Calling!

I have had the best callings in our ward.  I play the piano for junior primary and I love those kids! My other calling was 2nd counselor in the Young Women's.  These girls are the best!  This past Sunday was a kicker though, as you  could tell with Parker, but what made it even harder was the release from one of my callings...Young Womens.  I thought I had all the tears out before Sunday, but no.  The floods gates opened again.  I love these girls!  After after serving with them for almost 4 years, it is a little hard to let go of them.  They are so sweet, loving, and very forgiving for putting up with me this long.  We've had so many good times, and created many memories that I hope to never forget.  They have taught me much more than I have taught them.  I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for the opportunity that I have had to serve and love these girls.  I hope to stay close to them and continue to watch them grow from beautiful young women to amazing women who will lead us!  Thank you girls!  I love you all and will miss seeing you every week.  You are the greatest!
Our Amazing girls at New Beginnings - Nov. 2008
Girl's Camp 2006
Girl's Camp 2006 Cute Lacey and Shelby
Ice Blocking in Ferron

I guess I should mention the new calling I have received.  I am the new Activities Chairperson. It will be a definite change, and exciting new adventure to tackle.  Hopefully with my amazing new committee we will be able to rock the whole ward!


Christy said...

Who is that cute girl on the left in the front row of the leaders picture? She is HOT!

I will miss the girls, too. I'm still holding out for some sort of committee position {crossing fingers}.

Cammie said...

It's hard to leave, but you will do GREAT at your new calling!!

Melanie Lyn said...

You were such a great leader, and I will miss you being in young womens. It's going to be so weird not having you there. Good thing you live close! I'll have to come see parker sometime!(you and devin too!)

Shannon Beeton Johansen said...

You did such an amazing job with these girls. I just don't know how I am going to be able to follow that. I am going to need your help, so you better be ready for that. We totally need to get together more often, I miss you!