Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

                              (stolen with pride from Cammie!)
Parker's stint as the youngest cousin came to an end as of 4:00 AM on May 16th as Nykelle and Carson welcomed a beautiful Mia Bella into their home.  Swallowing our envy and pride at having the "baby" of the family, we would each like to take a turn at offering our words of welcome:

Parker:  (As interpreted by dad).  Welcome "cuz".  Just a word to the wise for us youngins, beware of Carter!  His abundance of love spills over and bursts the privacy bubble at times, but all in all he is a cousin that wants the best for you.  Your cousin Cali too is a bundle of joy.  She may seem like she is 5 but her wisdom is beyond her years!  I hope you are liking your stomach, because I sure don't.  Perhaps you will be crawling before I do!  I sure have tricked my parents into doing whatever I want them to do.  It's all about the bottom lip!!!  I love you and can't wait to eat yogurt bites with you!  Good to have ya "cuz"!

Auntie Melissa:
  Do you have runnin' shoes yet?  When I heard you were coming I wanted to lace up the old sneakers and be there to love you and hold you!  This is when it stinks to be in Castle Dale because I want to be there to hold my new little precious niece.  I will be there soon, but in the meantime start wrapping that daddy of yours around that little finger!

Uncle DEVO:  Howdy.  What a great family to be a part of.  I hope you have been workin' on that Italian language, it sure does help when it comes to family meals (may I recommend the Parmesan Chicken!).  I look forward to seeing you and having you a part of the family.  May I also recommend filling up as many diapers as fast as you can, keep those parents on their toes!  Welcome "Mama "Mia""

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