Sunday, May 24, 2009

Double Digits, Double the Fun

Those first 9 months are for babies.  Gone are the days when I couldn't sleep all night.  See ya later baby food, I'm eatin with the big kids.  So long stroller rides when I couldn't stay awake.  Catch ya later gummer days, I'm off to the dentist.  My babbling days are past!  Yeah those first 9 months were great, being hauled around everywhere, crying when I was hungry, etc.

Ok, so some of those things I haven't quite conquered quite yet(and quite frankly I'm holdin on to that cryin when your hungry business), but today I hit the double digits!  10 months baby!  As they say in that Juicy Fruit commercial that I have never seen, "double the pleasure, double the fun!"  And now that I am 10 months may I see hello to bigger badder sounds like da, da, da. And bring on the cabinets, plants, and DVD's, and anything else destructible. Crawling??????  I'm skipping that and going straight for the big time!  Oh and that bottom lip that I have developed so well, that's gonna have to stay as well.

At 21 pounds, two teeth, thunder thighs, and a smile that makes you melt, the fun is just beginning!

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Cammie said...

Crawl! You can do it!! You will find a whole new world of freedom opens up to you! You can do it!!