Friday, May 29, 2009

What The???? Can someone please tell me . . . ???

Returning home from Wyoming and waking up Saturday morning (May 23) we discovered some sort of rash near Parker's temple on his head.  Being the weekend and it not really bothering him we casually started asking others questions.  We asked neighbors, ward members, even a PA at a BBQ each with a guess but nothing real definitive.  We then turn to his pediatrician who diagnosis it as infontigo.  A couple days of spreading and another visit to the doctor ruled this out and now we await the result of a culture that is being done on it.

(A few days later).  Still no word on what it is but Dr. Madsen says that it is a shingle!  Being the expert doctors that we are (thank you WedMD) we have decided that it can't be shingles but regardless of what we think it is keeping him from going to visit in Cedar City.

(A few more days later).  Still no word but it is off to Cedar City we go!  Nothing can stop us from going not even a, a, a, a????????  Whatever it may be!

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