Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Following in the tradition of just about every kid, Parker has not yet quite bought into enjoying Dentist appointments.  6 months ago there was minimal progress made and yesterday we attempted another appointment.  Mom had prepped him well and the experience was memorable.

Parker wanted me to go first.  On occasion I would give him a thumbs up to see if he was doing ok.  Pretty soon he was initiating the thumbs up.  After watching dad endure the cleaning he bravely made his way to the chair.  After telling the hygienist his full name, how to spell it, and that he was playing T-Ball this year he opened his mouth.  Luckily the fluoride was bubblegum flavor.  He toughed out the torture and emerged a happy camper.  After the cleaning he curiously asked, "Are you going to clean my toes next?"  

With prizes in hand (toothpaste and Cars 2 toothbrush) we came home anxious to show mom how good he was and the new toothbrush he had scored.

As a result, it was time to say good bye to his old toothbrush Spiderman.

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