Saturday, July 24, 2010

Parker Parade

As we sat on South Temple in Salt Lake City this weekend watching one of the greatest parades in the nation, it was great to remember the legacy we have and that we are indebted to the pioneers who sacrificed so much for us. Though we admired the creativity of the floats and awed at the many dignitaries that waved their way past us, it was all for Parker and his birthday. Atleast, that is what Parker must be thinking.

In Parker's mind he was able to wave to President Uchtdorf of the First presidency. For Parker, the many horses who galloped past were merely putting on a show for him. The floats with the royalties? Just future prospects for marriage who strutted their stuff for future pursuit of him. Parker had the pleasure of band after band providing live music for his dancing skills. Even a BYU float snuck in despite the divisive tension that exists in family.

And so we beg the question, was the parade for Parker? Not to the thousands of others who stayed the previous night in order to get a good seat, nor was it just for Parker. Not for the people across from us who celebrated every participant in it, even the pooper scoopers. Even those who squirmed at the sight of a "Y" going down the heart of Salt Lake would claim it was for the pioneers. But for Parker? Yes, it was a surely a parade for Parker. A parade I believe even the Pioneers would approve of.

President Uchtdorf gives us a wave

Parker giving waves to dignitaries and floats as they pass by
The parade had its fair share of horses which were always a hit
Parker with his uncle Dustin and cousin Carter

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