Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 3 - a real TREAT

Halloween for Parker's first two years seemed to be more costume displays for the parents. Year three came alive as Parker transformed into Buzz lightyear and insisted on pushing every door bell that he went to. This year, more than any other year, was a real TREAT, and here is why:

1. Grandma and Grandpa brought over a Halloween bucket overflowing with treats that would take a year old a week to earn going door to door.

2. 4 times the fun. By the end of the week Parker probably really felt like he was Buzz lightyear as he got to wear his costume 4 times - Storytime at the library, Ward Halloween Party, City Halloween Party, and Halloween itself (this of course is not counting the dress rehearsels put on forGrandma andGrandpathe week before).

3. He really was buzz. The buttons did the trick as they became lasers and wings.
4. No walking from door to door. The arrival ofrain dampened the experience but mom providing the taxi did the trick.
5. Yelling TREAT before the door opened (hey, when you want something you need to make it known!)

6. The dump. Though I think mom enjoyed this the most, the dump revealed the stash that will supply Parker for the next three halloweens!

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