Sunday, October 3, 2010


For Parker, conference is getting better, atleast, there were some glimpses of hope. Like the time he said the prayer with the one giving the prayer at the conclusion of a session. On occasion he did recognize President Monson and he did point out (with the prodding of dad) that Elder Oaks does not have any hair.

The rest of the time was passed by naps (not just him though), playing cars with Brittany, wrestling with Dustin, and escaping to the treat drawer on occasion.

I guess you could say AMEN to this conference, not only because Parker said that after most talks and prayers, but AMEN at the effort he made and the wonderful things we were taught and the time spent with family sitting at the feet of Prophets.
A little conference coloring is good to pass some time while "pondering" the messages
Parker got a good seat between Grandma Vicki and Brittany

Gotta have something to keep you awake!

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