Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Janitor, Sumo Wrestler,DJ, or Mike Tyson?

Last years horse costume for Parker was a tribute to Castle Dale as Parker celebrated his first Halloween.  Approaching his second Halloween we seem to have a few more options.  Here are some "possible" sneak peaks at what Parker may be for Halloween.  Here are the candidates!

Whether it be at home or at a church, these tools are perfect for our little janitor

A favorite stance we often find Parker in, which only leaves a few options, catcher? or sumo wrestler?

DJ Parker and his tunes!

What Parker turns to for comfort - an ear.  Sounds more like a Boxing career in the future!


Melanie Lyn said...

nice pictures! parker is getting way big :D

Gale Family said...

I think Parker is so stinken cute. We need to see that kid in person. Whens the next trip to cedar? We will probably be there for Thanksgiving.

Tara said...

He is getting so big and looks so different from the last time I saw him, but hopefully I will be seeing him and you soon :) btw thanks for calling me back dork!♥ ya!