Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, a family feast

A recent sports poll asked which of the following F's is the most important at Thanksgiving:


Though not a serious poll, a slight majority chose football, followed by food, and last was family. For us all of the above were a part of our Thanksgivingfestivities, but the most enjoyable was time with our families.

It all started with a trip to Melissa's families to kick off the feast as we gathered with family from Wyoming, Cedar City and Salt Lake. Food was aplenty and Parker found no shortage of attention with aunts and uncles to wrestle and play with. Ataste of Black Friday and its madness also found a place at the feast. Finally it was a birthday bash for Dustinto finish the fine Thanksgiving with Melissa's family.

Saturday was a taste of leftovers as we ventured south to be with the Esplin crew assembled for a mission call for Grandma and Grandpa, football games, and times spent together. Parker enjoyed the time with cousins and his new favorite toy, courtesy of Uncle Nate, the IPad, and of course tackling anybody that sat upright. Melissa enjoyed the leftovers the most as the Utes defeated the Cougs. As for myself, I drowned my sorrows in two pieces of apple pie.
We are thankful for family to spend time with. The food and football of the festivities are merely ways to join with family and experience wonderful memories together.


The Christians said...

Melissa, you are so tiny~~ You do even look pregnant in this picture, in fact you look amazingly skinny, not fair. Don't get me wrong it's great, just doesn't seem right to the rest of us prego's.

Shemri and Gang said...

Oh by the way, I must add that you are so stinking gorgeous pregnant, you don't look pregnant and you are just so so cute! Seriously I just read the comment above this one and it is Brooke! They say that if two people agree it is a fact so Fact is you are super cute pregnant girl - if I had a crown and I was passing by Emery County I would deliver it to you!