Friday, February 11, 2011


While the nation was watching Super Bowl Sunday, our eyes were fixed on Brock as he spent the day in the hospital with RSV.

Fortunately Melissa used her motherly instincts to take Brock to the ER on Saturday night (Feb. 5) when she noticed he had a difficult time breathing. Because it was caught early the ER doctor wasn't able to readily identify the problem until some testing was done which provided a positive RSV diagnosis which meant watching our little guy endure the joys of an IV and breathing treatments through the night and followingday.

The time in the hospital went well as Melissa tenderly cared for her son. After about a full day of observation and treatment, he was released to come home.

Upon his arrival he has been confined to a room full of humidifiers (three to be exact) and a loving mother who faithfully does breathing treatments every eight hours. Even more frequent are the "nose suckings" (nice medical term I know).

And so after a week we look back to that Super Sunday. There was nothing Super about having a 6 week old in the hospital. Surely there is nothing super about hospital food and the comforts that come from staying the night. "Super" does not describe the worry and stress that seems endless.

What is "super" in the midst of the not so "super", was watching a loving mother care for her son. And this is better than any Super Bowl that I have ever seen.


Jacqueline said...

There is no question that Melissa is amazing. I'm sorry baby Brock was sick. How scary! Hope all is well now.

Shannon Beeton Johansen said...

Melissa is such an amazing mom and person. I totally know what she had to go through. I had to do the same thing with my little Addison, it was miserable! Please let me know if I can do anything.

Christy said...

Poor baby! I'm glad he's okay! Ugh, those hospital cribs look depressing.

Trina and Wes said...

That is so scary. Glad he is ok!