Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goblins and Rabbits

After the Easter bunny delivered the goods, we decided to take Grandma and Grandpa Esplin to go and see the Goblins.  Though we have lived here for nearly 7 years we never have ventured out to meet the Goblins in our own backyard.  Having family here and an Easter weekend provided enough incentive to make the trip.

Upon arrival we had a quick picnic which provided enough fuel for the boys to explore the incredible formations that seemingly emerge from out of the middle of nowhere.  Parker had no fear but provided plenty of fear for mom and dad.  Brock had his fair share of wobbly moments but was spared any major crashes.

It was fun having Grandma and Grandpa along for the trip.  Though they are world travelers, this was a sight that they also had never seen.  They also provided entertainment and horse back rides on the way back to the car.

Melissa was even rewarded when she spotted a "U" shaped rock.

 It was fun to get out and see our own backyard.  Then once back in our real backyard we finished the trip up with a BBQ and some baseball.

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