Saturday, May 18, 2013

Parker Pele

I never played soccer growing up.  Baseball was the national pastime and apparently it was our family pastime.  I remember seeing pictures of my brothers wearing soccer uniforms but pictures of me playing the world's game was not in my world.  Even when I went and watched some friends play soccer I found it very hard to stomach, especially because it took me away from the baseball diamond.

With Parker coming of soccer age and not conflicting with t-ball season, we decided to put Parker into the county soccer league.  He was put on the Castle Dale team with other youth ranging in ages from 4-7 of which he is one of the shortest and the youngest.

Despite not having soccer lineage I have made a few attempts to share with him my wealth of soccer knowledge.  I had seen some soccer highlights and so the first lesson I taught him was that when he scored a goal he was to throw his hands in the air and start running and yelling, "GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL."

5 games into the season that lesson is still waiting to be put into use.  So far he is getting the hang of getting into the "swarm" of kids that moves as one up and down the field.  He started a little timid but seems to be holding his own.  He loves playing goalie and has been a wall only allowing a couple of goals to sneak by.  Probably the best part for Parker is that he gets to travel to other places to play soccer.  So far Parker has taken his Pele skills to Cleveland, Huntington, Ferron, an Orangeville.

Pele was the great Brazillian soccer player, Parker is the Pele of Emery County?

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