Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Parker Snowstorm

Last year Parker's encounter with snow was nothing but torture in the form of parents wanting to have fun.  Yes we made snow angels and we went sledding but through the screaming and the freezing it is likely that he has erased any snow memories from his mind.

Well today just may be a day worthy of remembering as it snowed enough to lose Parker, ok so at least make him claustrophobic.  We woke up to a foot of snow covering the ground.  This made things a bit more exciting for church going.  It snowed so much that Melissa recieved phone calls wondering if Church had been cancelled.  This no doubt would have been an answer to her prayers as she was singing a duet in church today.  But in Carol Brady style, Melissa put on a great performance for the snowblown worshippers in attendance.  At the conclusion of church the neighborhood came to life as kids, parents, and grandparents grabbed shovels and took to the streets to shovel everybody's walks.  These parents couldn't resist the opportunity for their brave Parker to brave the snow once more, with similar results but enjoying eating the snow this time.  Though we are not rushing to the ski slopes and getting Parker ski lessons quite yet, this was a snowstorm for the memories, yes a snowstorm worthy of Parker.

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Tara said...

Parker is the cutest thing ever! And I have to say that Devin has a great way with words. He should look into journalism. Melissa, I love you but I can always tell whether you do the post or Devin does. He's much more entertaining!How come I haven't gotten a Christmas card from you guys this year? I miss you and can't wait to see you soon! ♥ ya lots:)