Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh to love the snow like a kid again!  I am just having a hard time doing that!  I've got spring fever so bad it's not even funny!  I feel so cooped up in the house, that I am ready to run out the door with a hair dryer just to get the snow melted!  I'm trying to be positive and take advantage of the somewhat warm days, but I'm ready for a warm day, EVERY day.  

Parker doesn't care how cold or wet it is, he just wants to be outside.  Every time he gets a glimpse of being outside he wants to stay there.  Last Saturday, we were over at my parents to visit.  It had snowed and as we pulled up my Dad was out shoveling.  What did Parker want to do? Of course, "shovel" or play right along side of Grandpa.  It was funny to watch and my Dad and Devin would slide down the hill while shoveling and Parker hardly ever slid or fell.  He had the best balance of them all.  

I hope I have the patience to get through the melting process, or I can change my attitude and enjoy the snow like Parker!

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