Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble till you Wobble

How was our 2009 Thanksgiving?  Let's just say we "gobbled" till we "wobbled".

The Gobble
We packed up the car and joined the millions of other Thanksgiving feasters and headed for Grand Junction for this years festivities.  Ryan and Becca and their families graciously opened their doors and their ovens to us, my parents, and Jason and his family.  All gathered around the table with quite the feast at our fingertips.  The feast consisted of tender turkey, spectacular stuffing, marvelous mashed potatoes, rockin' rolls and jammin jello (trust me, if you so much as got a taste of this you too would use the word "jammin".)  After all of the gobbling ceased we found room for some some practically perfect precious pies!  

The Wobble
Having officially gobbled ourselves through Thanksgiving we spent the next day "wobbling". The wobble began as we braved the stores at 4 am with little success, but a determination and a vow to never do that again.  The wobble was made complete as we went to the Ice Skating rink later that day.  A casual observer would look at our skating skills and conclude that we "wobbled" more than we actually skated.  Parker's inaugural skating experience consisted of being towed behind the "wobblers" in a sled.  After this experience we have our sights set on the Winter Olympics in 2014 (keep your eye on the bobsled, Parker's well on his way).

Thanksgiving 2009's Gobbling and Wobbling made us ever more grateful for the things that we do have and we do enjoy.  Most important the gobbling and the wobbling was, as it is every year, with those that we are most thankful for, our family.


Cammie said...

Sounds like a fun holiday! I love me some ice skating!

Amanda said...

MELISSA!!! It was great seeing you last weekend. I love the elf thing, it's hilarious. I think you should all learn that dance and do it for real sometime. Ü