Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2008 

Where? - Castle Dale, UT

Costume - spotted horse confused as a cow

Result - Candy (Baby Ruth) and a long night in a warm costume

Recap:  First Halloween was more of a token Halloween.  It resulted in a warn out trick or treater who fell asleep in his car seat with Baby Ruth in hand.   

Halloween 2009 

Where? - Cedar City, UT

Costume - "Split Fan" - Half Utah & Half BYU

Result - Trick or Treating with cousins and Candy (Baby Ruth was first once more) that he could actually have.  Now we are getting somewhere!

Recap:  Trick or treating came a little more to life this year for Parker though it seemed that every costume somebody had on scared him.  Even the neighbor grandma who put on a big nose and mustache sent Parker into a scream.  Parker scored big time as he hit The Clark's (neighbors), The Alger's (Melissa's fam), Paula & Brooks (also fam), "My friend Jean" (neighbor and friend of Grandma Esplin), The Leavitts (might as well be fam), The Schmutz's (wrong door but next to family), and Aunt Marva (Devin's fam).  Of course the holiday festivities weren't complete without pumpkin carving and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Frequent trips to the treat pumpkin at Grandma's.  Early and Often!

Wouldn't you be excited too?

Wearing this cost the BYU fan a candy bar at one house!

Grandma & Grandpa with Parker and his cousins McKenna(Princess) and Spencer (Dragon)

Parker with his cousins after Trick or Treating - bottom:  Tanner;  Couch (L-R) Max, Spencer, Jane, Marian, Parker;  Top (L-R) McKenna, Quincy, Evan

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