Thursday, August 6, 2009

Five Alive!

Okay, so I got way behind and never posted about our wonderful 5th year anniversary.  We put it on our temple blog, but not this blog.  We got so caught up in Parker and his milestones that we never wrote about our own milestones.  Can you believe we've made it this far?  July 10th marked the big FIVE!  We are still alive and kickin' or kickin' each other! :)  Life is grand and we are still enjoying the ups and downs of this wonderful roller coaster of marriage.  
Devin has been my best friend and has given me every reason to continue into the eternities. With each 5 years that pass it can only get better and better.  Thanks for being my rock, patient, loving, an amazing daddy, and eternal companion through thick and thin!  

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