Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Once a kid always a kid

Parker gets all of the recognition.  This all changed at around 5:37 PM as I heard the blessed sound of the Ice Cream Truck that has been avoiding me all summer.  With Parker and mom in Price I was left to my childish reflexes of abandoning my cleaning of the bathroom and running out the door and joining the neighborhood kids as they swarmed the ice cream truck.  To my disappointment they had sold out of the "Ice Bomb's" but was fortunate to get a different version of the same thing.  

Interestingly enough the ice cream driver wasn't what I expected.  It was a nice chinese lady that had difficulty speaking english but apparently knew her ice cream.  And do the Chinese people know their ice cream?  Yes they do and I came to find this out as I served in Taiwan as this man on a bike came by selling ice cream.  It was nothing like I had ever tasted but hey an ice cream truck is an ice cream truck even if it is in a different country and even if it isn't from a truck.  It all brings out the child in me.

And what about Parker?  I couldn't resist getting him a popsicle so when he did come home guess what, it really was all about him anyway as he devoured his popsicle that was half the size of him

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