Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Trip for Little Mia's Blessing

It was so great to be able to head to good ol' Wyoming again.  Little Mia was blessed last Sunday, August 2, 2009, and we were able to enjoy the time with all the fam for a couple of days.  She was so beautiful in her white gown and didn't make a peep during the blessing. Carson did an amazing job for his first time baby blessing.  It was neat to see the proud daddy give that sweet blessing.  
After the blessing we went back to Carson and Nykelle's house for some grub!  There was plenty of it, too.  It was a good time and crazy chaos, too.  Kids everywhere.  We were able to snap a few pics with the family.   The only one missing would be sweet Dust.  Soon he will be with us again, but until then, he's still working hard at the Lord's work!
Thanks Cars and Nykelle for a wonderful day!

Chris with Parker, Cammie, Britt with Carter, Carson, Nykelle with Mia, Dad, Mom with Cali, Melissa, and Devin.  One big happy fam.  If I knew how to photoshop we could stick Dust in there too.  :)

Happy day with Mia!  So precious!
Two beautiful girls - Brittany and Mia

A good action shot with Grandpa - Nice idea?
Parker enjoy the lip smacking dinner for the 2nd time! 

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